Performance of Tech Companies IPOs During 2012

The year 2012 brought different changes on the horizon of the different tech companies. This remained good for some companies and at the same time this year also created different problems for some

companies. As far as the performance of IPOs of the tech companies is concerned, the year 2012 was a mixed year but if we look in the broader sense then this year remained good for Internet companies IPOs as compared to the previous year.

According to study report, about 59% of the Internet companies went public in 2012 and they traded above the price of their IPO. This study further reveals that about 47% of Internet companies traded above the price of their first actual trade.

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This study also made comparison of the performance of the Internet companies that went public in 2011. This study says, 42% of the Internet companies that went public in 2011 were trading above the price level of IPO and only 14% of the companies were trading above the price of their first trade.

As far as the performance of the IPO of Facebook is concerned, it remained under the negative news from the press and from the shareholders during the whole year. The stock of the company did not perform well just after the IPO in May 2012. It witnessed a significant decline in its prices but in late November, the prices of the stock of the company showed some sustainability.

Some leading analysts of the market are of the opinion that after analyzing the performance of the IPO of Facebook, many companies postponed their plans of IPOs during 2012. According to a research study, 10 Internet companies went public before Facebook during May 2012 and only 6 companies decided for their IPOs after the IPO of the Facebook. According to this research study, the total value of Internet IPOs during this year was more than double as compared to 2011 and this was due to the IPO of Facebook.

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