Apple Maps are Potentially Life Threatening, Australian Police Warns

Australian police has serious concerns over the Apple’s maps as they have created certain problems for them. According to a report, police in Victoria have advised the motorist to avoid the use of the Apple Maps as they are continuously guiding in the wrong ways and thus are becoming the threat for life of the motorists.

This warning has been issued by the Australian police when motorists lodged a complaint in a police station that the Apple Maps have guided them in wrong directions and due to this they stayed in an unknown place for more than 24 hours without water and food.

According to the press release, the Apple Maps system confirmed that the city of Mildura is in the middle of the Murray Sunset National Park while in fact this city is located about 70 kilometers away. The Victoria Police issued a statement claiming that these maps are “potentially life threatening”. According to the police, the city which is being showed by the Apple is not at the right place and there is also no water supply within the park and in summer the temperature can reach up to 46 degrees Celsius.

This has been noted several times that Apple Maps are showing continuous errors for countries outside the U.S.  In those Maps the Berlin was renamed and there were some addresses problems too.

Actually the decision of replacing the Google Maps from iOS with the Apple Maps that at that time were claimed as the error free, created different problem for Tim Cook. This problem forced him to issue apology in September and at that he also recommended different other competing app.

Apple took the action against the team and fired the manager who oversaw the team of Maps last month.  There were also rumor s in the market that the resignation of Scoot Forstall in October, who was the senior vice president of iOS software, was due to this reason. In order to solve this problem, there are also rumors in the market that Apple is planning to recruit the ex-Google Maps developers.

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