Apple Starts to Send Press Invitations for its iPad Launching Event

All the rumors and news about the new product of Apple namely iPad mini have come to an end as Apple starts to send press invitations for the iPad mini launching event.

This event will be held on October 23, in San Jose. There is statement on these invitations cards “We have got a little more to show you”.

The other line shows “Please join us for and invitation-only event at the California Theater in San Jose on October 23 at 10:00 a.m”.

This iPad mini tablet is expected to be smaller than the current available 9.7 inches iPad tablet. There are still rumors in the market that this iPad mini tablet will be of 7 inches with some fewer pixels as compared to the current size.

About some of the interesting details, this new iPad will have two rear speakers instead of one and this tablet will also use the same new lightning connector that was introduced with the iPhone 5. This device will have the retina display with the fast and speedy 3G connectivity.

These invitations were expected by press during last week but they waited long for these invitations and finally they have come to them.

It is said about the company that traditionally it has the secret nature about its products details but it is also the fact that the features and announcements and leaked images are continuously increasing on the web. Similarly, all the information about iPhone 5 was also available on internet before the launch of this product.

Analysts are of the opinion that former Apple’s Chief Steve Jobs, opposed about the reduction in the size of iPad. He was of the opinion that 7-inch tablet would be “dead on arrival”. He also forwarded his opinion by saying this that users would need sandpaper to shrink their fingers in order to use this product.

There are also other companies in the market such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google and Samsung who have already introduced certain products in the market and they are competing for market share. The analysts are quite hopeful that the launch of this iPad mini will also promote this competition.

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