Apple Still Have the Opportunity to sell iPhone and iPad in South Korea

Apple feels relief after having access to the markets of South Korea. Apple now still has the opportunity to sell the iPhone and iPad in South Korea.

According to a Seoul court ruling Apple can continue selling mobile devices while the lawsuit against its main competitor Samsung will remain continue.

The case was filed against some patent issues of both the companies and there was a stay order that was stopping Apple to sell its products like iPhone and iPad in South Korea. Apple filed an appeal requesting the court to allow the sales of its products in South Korea. A South Korean Judge passed the ruling in which he allowed the Apple to continue its sale in the markets of South Korea. The main products include iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

Both the companies, Apple and Samsung will continue battle over the patent issue. According some market experts this battle between these two companies will settle down shortly as both the companies are suffering great loss due to this case.

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