Apple Will Have to Pay $396 Million in Patent Case

Apple is facing some problems in the court again as in one another case the Apple has been ordered to pay $396 million in patent case. This patent case was also filed by Apple and now the company faced defeat in this cases.

No doubt, the world’s most famous and valuable company defeated Samsung and won the lawsuit amounting to $1 billion back in August in a California court. Since then the company faced different serious problems regarding the legal court matters.

According to the reports of the Financial Times, a Texas jury has ordered Apple to pay $368 million to VirnetX which is a patent holding firm. This company sued the Apple in a district as according to them Apple’s violated some patents with its iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. According to the Financial Times, Apple is expected to go for appeal against the decision.

The VirnetX announced back in September that it has also filed a complaint against the U.S International Trade Commission over the unfair trade practices. This also relates to the same communications patents in the Texas lawsuit.

According to the legal experts of the company, the company is planning to for the appeal against the decision of the jury.

Microsoft also faced the case by the same VirnetX back in 2010. Again that time, the VirnetX won the lawsuit and the Microsoft paid $200 million to the company.

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