Apples Changes the Battery Suppliers for Its Products after Samsung Quits

Apple is facing some problem regarding the supply of the batteries for its different products. This has been mentioned in a report that Apple has changed its battery suppliers for the iPad and MacBook lines.

According to this report the Apple has now made arrangements for the supply of the batteries with Amperex Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen Battery, both are the Chinese firms and they have made contractual agreements with for the supply of the batteries.

This has been decided to do by the Apple when Samsung SDI (Samsung’s battery producing subsidiary) has stopped the supply of the batteries to the Apple. This has been mentioned in a report that has been published in China Business News. According to the analysts of the market, if this news is true, this will increase the mercury level of warm and anger between these two companies.

It is said about the Samsung that it is a crucial component partner of Apple and will remain so for at least near future. This has also been quoted by the CEO of the Apple that Samsung is the main supplier for the company particularly for the product s that have been designed and developed recently.

But according to the some officials of the company, there were strong rumors in the company that the distances between these two companies may start to increase due to some internal issues.  This has been done mainly due to the fact that Samsung is reportedly increasing the prices of different products that are supplied to the Apple.

Both the companies are also fighting globally on the patent issues and are considered as the each other’s primary competitor in the global smart phone race. In such cases it is natural that people should expect their supply chain arrangement to suffer.

But according to the opinions of some leading analysts of the market, there seems that this relationship is indeed collapsing. The termination of battery supply contract indicates that relationship between the two could be undergoing a slow.

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