Apple’s Senior Vice President Leaves the Company Just after 9 Months

Johns Browett, who was the Apple’s senior vice president of retail operations, is leaving the company just after 9 months of the joining of the company. This news was announced by the company during a press release on Monday.

In fact, this news about the leaving of the leading SVP of the company appears towards the bottom of Apple’s press release about the major changes in the staff. This change has been made amongst the company’s executive leadership.

This news has the significant impact and sign for both the investors and employees.

John Browett joined the Apple in January 2012 by replacing the Ron Johnson. It is said about Ron Johnson that he was the person who helped the company in making the company’s retail presence under jobs during 2000. Before joining the Apple, he was the CEO of JC Penney.

Mr. Browett was the first executive in the company who was hired by Tim Cook after taking the charge of CEO of the company. This choice of Cook was extensively criticized from the beginning.

Mr. Browett was the in charge of Dixon which is considered as the best technology retailer in the UK. This company is also considered as the best buy version of the country.

Right from the start of his hiring, there were strong criticisms about him. According to some leading officials of the company, he was not the right person for the completion of Apple’s retail strategy. Soon after his joining, there were strong rumors in the company that Browett is planning to reduce the number of retail employees in order to boost the profit of the company.

However, Apple later refused that no retail employee will be laid off. But at the same time the company said, that they may test this experience later on under Browett’s leadership. During a press release, the company made a confession that “making these changes was a mistake”.

The analysts are considering it the first and dangerous mistake of the company’s CEO.

The retail employees of the company take a sigh of relief after this news. But here is still question that who will be the new retail operations head of the company. Currently, Tim Cook is the in charge of the retail operations and is trying to get regain the confidence of the retail employees of the company.

As far as the investor’s point of view is concerned, they have shown more concerns over this news. They are considering that in future, again such mistakes will make it difficult to achieve the goals of the company as laid down by Tim Cook.

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