Apple’s Stock Prices Increased by more Than 8% After Observing 6 Months Low Price

The performance of the stock of Apple improved considerably on Tuesday as it showed a significant increase in its price.

The price of the stock of the company jumped more than 8% during trading and the stock closed at the price of $565 per share. This price is at the highest level during the last two week’s trading sessions.

Before this, the stock of the company witnessed two month long decline. Due to this, the Apple’s stock price went down to about its 6 months low on Thursday. Following this, the market capitalization of the company fell below $500 billion.

The decline in the prices of the stock of the company started in September when the fear started to rise among the investors over the news that company reported lower than expected iPhone 5 sales. This decline was further strengthened by following some additional bad news including the executive shakeup, a lower than expected profit margin for the December quarter. The reason behind the decline in the price also included the news about the falling share of the tablet market that declined significantly.

The stock of the company also remained under pressure due to general instability in the stock market due to U.S election and due to European debt crisis.

Due to these different bad news, the analysts formulated the quit strategy for this stock. But some analysts of the market remained positive about this stock and stock now stock performed well according to their expectations.

The price of the stock of the company is sill far away from its peak level of $705 per share.

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