Election Campaign on Twitter – Obama is More Influential than Romney

The two powerful presidential election candidates of US, Barak Obama and Mitt Romeny are also becoming famous on the leading social media group Twitter.

According to a report, issued by Twitter, Obama is becoming more influential as compared to Mitt Romney.

This report has shown the statistics Obama has 20.3 million followers on Twitter and has a social pull of more than 8,000 times on average. The opposite candidate, Mitt Romeny, has the 1.2 million followers and has a pull of about 800 times the average user.

This report shows that position of Obama on social media site has become more influential than Romney.

What is social pull? PeekYou defines it as the measure of influence. Higher grade of social pull shows that user has more influence in their following and vice versa.

According to this report, higher share of Obama’s followers come from females. The females’ share of Obama’s followers has reached up to 49 % of the total followers while the other candidate has 35% share of females’ followers in comparison with the total followers.

Further to this report, the followers of Obama on Twitter are much younger. Out of the total followers of Obama, about 24% of the followers are below the age of 25 while Romney has only 16% followers out of total followers are under the age of 25.

This report shows that only 55% of the followers of Obama are currently living in United States as compared to the 89% of the followers of Romney.

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