Facebook Gets the Attention of Large Number of Users over Photo Sync Feature

It is said about the Facebook that it was receiving almost 300 million photos in a day. Now, according to a report, this number has been increased considerably. This is due to the fact that the company has recently introduced another photo sync service. With the help of this feature the users have the option of directly uploading the photos taken from their mobile phones. For this purpose, the Facebook has provided the facility of 2GB storage capacity for uploading the photos of the users.

With the help of this feature, the users have the option to store the uploaded photos in a separate folder that supports up to 2GB storage capacity. From this folder, the users can share the photos on their timeline.

The analysts of the market are claiming this photo sync as the biggest thing to happen to Facebook photos beyond friend tagging and manual mobile uploads. The tagging option provides some other benefits too. If someone tagged you in a photo, you likely checked it out the second you got the notification along with all the other photos in the album.

After tagging of photos, Facebook also offered the photo sharing from the mobiles. But the main problem of this feature was the difficult process in the uploading of the photos.

But with the introduction of the photo sync feature, all these problems have been removed. It is now said about the photo sync service that it is just like smooth marble where one can walk easily and smoothly. This photo sync feature has increased the number of the users who are uploading the photos to the Facebook.

Once the photo sync feature is enabled, every photo that is taken from the mobile phones gets uploaded without any difficulty. The sharing process of the photo sync service is also so simple.

Another important feature of the photo sync service is that Facebook combines it with its facial recognition feature. That means rather than tagging friends manually, Facebook will itself analyze the photo synced albums for the friends and will apply the tags automatically. Facebook will then ask for the approval and the users will have to approve or disagree with it.

The Facebook has designed some important terms and conditions for using this service and the users have to follow these terms and conditions in order to properly get benefited from this service. The official spokes person of the company has said in a statement that the number of photos that are uploaded daily will increase up to great extent when more and more users will become familiar with this feature.

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