Facebook is Improving and Expanding its Mobile Security Efforts

Facebook is continuously working on improving the condition of its current security features for its web and mobile usage. There have been thousands of complaints regarding the low security features of Facebook.

Through the up gradation in the security features the users will be able to defend against false and malicious URLs, threats and different types of scams that have been prevailing now on these sites with increase in numbers.

Now the users of the Facebook can download software directly from different security companies including Avast, AVG, Avira, Kaspersky, Panda and Webroot. This will be a great and major addition in the current portfolio of Facebook’s security providers including Microsoft, McAfee, Norton, TrendMicro. These companies are also planning to offer the users antivirus software for their mobile devices.

The officials of the Facebook are quite hopeful that the up gradation in security features will make the Facebook more secure and there will be no more scams and malicious URLs in its user’s profiles.

The company said in an official statement, “As with our existing pattern, these seven companies will help to protect Facebook’s community of over a billion users by improving our URL blacklist system”.

This system has the ability to scan different things. First of all this system scans trillions of clicks per day and before each click, the system asks and consults the database of all the AV market place partners to make sure and confirm the website the user is about to visit is safe.

The leading social media group, Facebook, also launched a security measure to protect the members from malicious URLs, spammers and viruses. This system was introduced about six months ago.

At the same time, Facebook also launched its AV with the aim to enable and allow the users to download six months license for a full and free version of antivirus from one of the Facebook’s security partner. Since then more than 30 million users visited the AV marketplace.

The officials of the company are of the opinion that they will continue to build  their efforts in order to protect the users against different threats that are available on both the site and anywhere on the internet.

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