Facebook Provides Now the Privacy Policy Contents in Simple English

Facebook announced last week the privacy policy of the site in a revised version. In this updated privacy policy, the users will see different new and important things. The company claims that the updated contents of privacy policy will protect the users in different ways. Now these final changes are applicable and active.

The users of Facebook will now be able to see a small symbol with the sign of a lock in the top right hand corner of the screen. When the users click on this symbol, they will get the list of “Privacy Shortcuts” in simple and plain English. For example, there will be available following things.”

Who Can See My Stuff

Who Can Contact Me

How Do I Stop Someone from Bothering Me

In addition to this, there will be certain other things that will work in the benefit of the users. However, some analysts of the market did not welcome these changes in the privacy policy contents.

According to the Samuel Lessin, product manager at Facebook, said in a statement, “we believe that the better you understand who can see the things you share, the better your experience on Facebook can be”.

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