Facebook Will Not Remove Murder Page – Australian Police Claims

The users of the facebook have been astonished after the announcement from social network site facebook that they will not remove the offensive material page from the facebook. Australian police on Monday has claimed that social media site has refused to link down the page in which the offensive material about murdering a lady, Jill Meagher.

29 years old Irish woman was killed badly when she was vanished from Melborune bar earlier this month. The news page about this murder has more than 122,000 likes and the husband of the lady is requesting not to comment or like this page which is dedicated to this case.  The Australian Police and Meagher’s husband is continuously warning the peoples that any comment regarding her murder on social media site will have the potential to prejudice the trial.

Ken Lay, Chief Victoria state police commissioner, said that previously the facebook showed the intention to remove the page showing the offensive material about her death but now they have completely refused to do so. Lay further added “We must remember that no matter how horrible this crime is but we should not use facebook pages for taking justice in to others hands”.

He further added that we are in continuous touch with the social media service for removing this page. Meanwhile ,after Meagher’s terrible murder, there is strong panic in the surrounding of Melbourne and more than 30,000 peoples went for a peaceful anti violence walk on the streets where she was last seen alive.

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