Gaming on Facebook – Facebook Sees Growth of 35 Million Users from 2011

Facebook has been widely used for different purposes. The concept of social media site that has the primarily objective of connecting people with each other has been changed. Now it’s a place of social community, fun, entertainment and most amazingly the gaming platform.

According to a research study, the peoples that are playing games on this leading social media group have been increased up to the extent of about 35 million in this year as compared to the last year.


According to this report, during September 2012, about 251 million people played games on Facebook and this figure has shown an increase of about 35 million game users during this week. This figure shows the confidence and likeliness of this site by the users.

Alex Shultz, Facebook’s senior official has said during a private press event on Thursday, “When you sign up for a social game where only one or two of your friends are playing, it’s not as fun as if 10 to 20 of your friends are playing”.

There are different ways of the growth of games on Facebook and they include through App center, News Feed, Timeline, Notifications and users have the option to have Bookmarked to play the games later on. When the user sees in the App Center that some friends of the user are playing game, this tends the users to try the same game out too.

The platform of this leading social media site has different collection of games and it shows particularly the quality and diversity of the games. There are both types of games are available and they include fairly simple or complex games. These games have now become more diversified both in terms of genre and in the location from where they come.

When we talk about the most popular genre of game that is being played on Facebook then the name comes in mind of Simulation. After this, at second number the name of Arcade and Puzzle games comes. This second category has shown significant growth over the past few years.

According to this research the most increasingly growing games on the Facebook are“SongPop” and an online version of “Name That True”.

Now days, Mobile phones and smart phones as a whole, have become major source of gaming on the Facebook. According to a research study, eight of the top 10 iOS games are currently integrated on Facebook.

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