Google Introduces Online Museum with Huge Collection of Historical Events

The internet users will be pleased to know that Google has launched an online museum with huge collection of different important historical events.

This museum contains different significant items of writing, multimedia videos regarding different political events of the 20th century and many other things of great interest.

According to the officials of Google, most people will call it a virtual museum but in reality Google is simply calling it as new Cultural Institute.

This museum has huge collection of different important historical events and its database has millions of historical and cultural artifacts. This database also has more than 6 million photos that were taken from LIFE magazine’s photo collection. This online museum or cultural Institue is impressively designed and organized.

Google has formulated its mission statement as “building tools that make it simple to tell the stories of our diverse cultural heritage”.

The online access to this museum is quite easy. Google has organized different photos, documents and video footages that easily take the users according to subject wise details.

Further to this online museum, one of the collections at this musieum, one showcase is showing the complete details of the exploration of South African apartheid. The interesting element of this show case is about the lives of famous activist Steve Biko and former President Nelson Mandela.

When we move forward on this online museum, we find that there is art project too which lets the users to interactively view some of the major and greatest works in the art history.

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