“How to Run a Page Properly”, Facebook Advises the Members of 113th Congress

Facebook has recently published the official guideline for the members of the 113th congress about the complete procedure of developing a page on the Facebook and how to improve the presence on these pages and site.

During the start of this year, the Facebook advised the current members of Congress to set up their game and work in order to get the attention of the more users and fans.

Mostly the pages on the Facebook are used to promote the products and services designed and developed by different manufacturers and other retailers. As far as the specific actions of the Congress people, the effectiveness of their pages will also determine their level of fame.

As far as the suggestions from the Facebook are concerned, Facebook suggests the Congress persons to post behind-the-scenes photos and videos. This is considered as the solid advice as in this case more users will feel more convenience in interacting with such persons.

Further Facebook also suggests that the new Congress persons must create a welcome video. In addition to this they should make regular Q&A session with their fans and they should add milestones to their Timelines.

In recent years, the social media has been proved as a tricky business for most of the politicians. In fact, the leading social media sites including Facebook and Twitter helped a lot the President Obama in the reselection in U.S presidential elections. But this requires some right actions at the right time. And the most important thing which is required for this purpose is the real engagement in these activities.

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