Hurricane Threat – Google Postpones the Nexus Launching Event

After the threat of Hurricane, Google has cancelled the Android event that was planned to be on Monday 29, 2012. During this event, the leading search engine giant was expected to announce its latest and advanced Tablet the Nexus 10.

Some other latest devices and announcements were also expected from the company including the Nexus smart phone that has been made in collaboration with LG. But after the strong hurricane threat, the Google has planned to cancel this event.  This event was planned to be held in the New York City.

About this hurricane, this is predicted and expected to reach the New York City on Sunday or Morning, There have been warnings of flooding and wind damages. The airlines have also restricted their travel in this area and route and also have changed and cancelled certain flights. The New York City may see the evacuation of more than 400,000 peoples as precaution.

Google told the media in a statement “We are cancelling our Monday morning event in New York due to Hurricane Sandy. We still let you know our plans as soon as we know more. Stay safe and dry”.

According to some leading analysts of the market, this event cancellation will hit the company in some different way as this is the announcement season and other market players are also making announcements about their products. Recently Apple has also launched its iPad mini and in the same way Microsoft has also plans to introduce the Windows Phone 8.

Both the devices of Google the Nexus 10 and LG Nexus smartphone are expected to have the latest and advanced version of Android 4.2 operating system.

Some new date and venue will be announced by the company later on.

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