Important Ways to Connect on Twitter and LinkedIn

The use of social media sites has been increased considerably among different users. There are different social media sites that are offering different quality services for their users. Different social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace etc have a lot of things to be enjoyed. There are different ways of connecting on these sites. But finding the right person talk or being friend is somehow difficult thing. In this article we will discuss some important ways two connect on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Search out the Authors of the Content You Read

The first and main thing about finding the right people of your own interest is to search out the authors of the content you read on Twitter or LinkedIn. In this way you will be able to approach the right person. The best thing to find them is searching of blogs or websites. The authors of different blogs also have social networking contact. Try to search their social networking contacts on Facebook or twitter. Also comment them on their posts by expressing you own opinion. This will surely promote your conversation.

Try to Write Your Own Posts

This is the most authentic way for promoting conversation. Whatever you write or publish, have the access to the general public. Peoples will definitely move towards your blog and will definitely comment there and share their views. In this way you can enhance your networking base.

Try to Join Relevant LinkedIn Groups

Another important way of promoting the conversation or finding the topics of your own interest, try to join those LinkedIn Groups that exactly meet your likings. These groups are excellent source or forums of career discussions. There are different persons in these groups that share their own opinions and you can also share your own opinion or experiences. In addition to this there is another way to network on these sites it to answer some questions that are raised by different users. Your answers provide you the opportunity to enhance your network base

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