Increased Use of Facebook May Increase the Waistline, Study Report Shows

Facebook and other social mediums have become the focus of discussion and research for many other research firms. With every new day, we find different research reports about the social media usage, its benefits and its demerits.

Similarly, a research report has indicated the increased use of Facebook may increase the weight and waist of the users who tend to spend more time on Facebook.

According to this research report that has been conducted at Columbia Business School and University of Pittsburgh, the increased use of Facebook and watching the activities of the friends on the social media causes the increase in body mass inydeyx and in the same way it also causes the higher levels of credit card debts. This report is expected to be published in the Journal of Consumer Research in June 2013.

The increased use of the social media networks increases the self-esteem of the users and most of them lose self control.

The author of this research report, Andrew T. Stephen explains “we found this in a variety of settings, ranging from healthy versus unhealthy food choices, to how long people persisted at a challenging task”. He further informs “we also found broader evidence of this in two really important contexts where self control matters a lot: health and personal finances”.

Stephen further adds “Note that we found these relationships after controlling for a number of demographic and socio-economic factors that would also affect these things”.

He further says that this report does not mean the users should cut the use of the Facebook from your life. The need is that the users should aware of these negative affects of the excessive usage that may harm the health of the users.

Stephen further adds that the awareness of these negatives impacts must be informed to the users so that their social life and regular life must be normalized.

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