Instagram Sets New Record of Beating Twitter for Mobile Visitors

According to a new report, Instagram which is a social networking group based on photo sharing has gained the attention of more mobile visitors leaving behind the Twitter which is also considered as most famous social networking group.

ComScore, an Internet Analytics based company has mentioned in its research report that during the month of August, across mobile used in US, Instagram received and average of 7.3 million daily visitors as compared to the 6.9 million users as attracted by Twitter.

The time spent by the users on photos sharing was also higher than the time that was spent by visiting Twitter. According to the research report by the same company, the users on Instagram spent an average of 257 minutes on the site through their mobile phones while the users of Twitter spent an average of 170 minutes through their mobile phones.

This report has also revealed the fact that Twitter has received a great shock on this news as its main rival that has been introduced in the market about two years ago with 80 million users has surpassed the Twitter who is enjoying the total portfolio of more than 500 million users.

This figure will also bring good news for Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, which is also enjoying the status of having more than 715 million users.

However, Twitter got an edge over the number of unique visitors as compared to the Instagram. Same company’s research study report has also claimed that Twitter recorded 29 million unique visitors to the site while Instagram received almost 22 million unique visitors.

This increased number of mobile visitors on Instagram as compared to the Twitter is certainly good news for Facebook. The management of Facebook has also claimed that the number of users who are using facebook’s mobile and tablet applications is also showing an increasing trend. This news has also strengthens the growth strategy of Instagram.

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