Is Facebook Helpful for Your Job Search?

Facebook is leading social network site and we all know it very well. It is purely social belonging website and it focuses more on the social lives f the users. It has least or less concern with other issues like job hunting or posting the jobs from employers.

Now days the trend of online job hunting has been increased considerably. There are millions of students that are finding the jobs online by using different types of job related websites. Similarly, thousands of companies are there that are focusing more on uploading the jobs online.

Now question here arises that are Facebook or other social media sites helpful for the users to find the right job for them? Another question is that can Facebook help or hurt your job search? The answer is no. Most of the employers are searching the right candidates online by viewing their profiles details on their social media sites including Facebook.

According to CareerBuilder survey, more than 37% of employers are searching the profiles of the jobseekers by using their social media site details and most of the employees are hired in this way. They check the worth of the users by identifying if the candidate is a good for the company, whether or not they conduct and perform professionally.

Sometimes it is rumored that Facebook is planning to introduce a job search base. While the reality is that Facebook is a social site that is purely designed for personal social life of its users. The analysts are of the opinion that creation of such platform will disturb the actual routine function of this social media group and then it would be difficult for calling it as personal site or professional site. In this case the jobseekers will also face problems regarding this distinction.

Actually the Facebook was not originally designed for the professional tracking and record keeping of their users. This type of experiment was also made by some other site including Yahoo and the introduced HotJobs and soon this was acquired by Monster. Similarly Google also launched Google Base but this project also failed.

Facebook already have some important job search applications like BranchOut that shows this site is already working to create different ways to effectively leverage this site fro networking or job search purposes.

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