iTunes 11 Will Be Available Shortly in Next Coming Days

There is good news for iTunes lovers as an upgraded and advanced version of these tunes will be available shortly. This announcement has been made by the officials of the company in press conference. They informed that the old of version of iTunes 10 will be upgraded to the next version.

Some reliable sources of the market have also confirmed this news that the old iTunes 10 will be replaced with next generation iTunes 11.

There were some problems in the existing version of the iTunes and most of the users of this version complained about this. The speed problem was also associated with the existing version and many users complained about the slowness and propensity to crash.

Now Apple has tried to remove all these problems in the next version of iTunes 11 that will be available in some next coming days. The company made plans to introduce this version of iTunes 11 along with the latest launch of iPhone 5 back in September but the company did not succeed in this plan. Now, they has decided to introduce this version of iTunes 11.

There were different rumors in the market regarding the launch of this version of iTunes 11. Some spread the rumors of launching this product at the launching ceremony of iPad Mini in October. But now it has confirmed that the updated version of iTunes 10 will be available shortly.

Apple spokesperson Tome Neumayr said in a statement, “It is taking longer than the expected time and we wanted to take a little extra time to get it right”. The spokesperson also confirmed that software will be upgraded before the end of the November.

According to the some leading analysts of the market this will be god addition in the portfolio of the company and the company will be able to do properly with the help of this improved and advanced version.

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