Jobseekers Give More Preference to Facebook than LinkedIn and Twitter

The use of different social media groups has been increased considerably by different users. They are using this for different purposes. LinkedIn is the social network which is famous all over the world as the best choice for the professional. Facebook which is the leading social networking group has achieved the milestone of 1 billion users. Due to this the use of these social media site has got more importance.

Like other things, the jobseekers are continuously using these sites for hunting the right jobs. All the three networks including facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, are offering different job search pages for their users.

But now the Facebook has become the first choice of jobseekers and now the jobseekers are giving more preference to Facebook over LinkedIn and Twitter.

Jobvite, which is the leading recruiting tech firm, has conducted a survey and according to this survey, more than 52% of jobseekers use facebook to find better jobs. This figure was at 48% about a year ago, according to survey which was conducted by the same firm.

According to the results of the survey, the second choice of jobseekers is LinkedIn and more than 38% jobseekers use this social media site in order to find the right job. This figure was at 30% during last year’s survey. The Twitter stands at number 3 with more than 34% jobseekers hunting their jobs on Twitter. This figure was at 26% during last survey, Jobvite reports. In this category facebook is also dominating the other leading social media sites.

Further to the results of this report, about one fourth of jobseekers added their professional information to their facebook’s account in last year.

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