Microsoft Windows Chief Explains the Reason of his Departure in Last Email

Microsoft Windows chief had left the company yesterday. Now he has explained his reasons of the departure from the company in a goodbye email to the employees of the company.

He has set the subject of the email “RE: Windows Leadership Changes”. In this email he has explained that he wants to seek new opportunities for him. He served the Microsoft for more than 23 years.

He further added, “My passion for building products is as strong as ever and I look forward focusing my energy and creativity along the similar lines”.

Steven Sinofksy has also denied the different that are spreading around that his departure of the company has come at once. This thing was announced by Microsoft.

In his e-mail he has appreciated the procedures and policies of the company where he served for more than 23 years. He also discussed the importance and the fame that he has gained due to this company.

He advised the young students to come forward in this field and create big things as this field is filled up with hundred of opportunities.

According to the official spokesperson of the company, the gap that has been created due to his departure will difficult to be fulfilled.

He has explained the reasons of his departure from the company in his last email to the employees of the company. He explained that he wanted to seek new opportunities that will be based on his 23 years of experience. He said that he will achieve his goals in the same way by keeping the same pace of the efforts.

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