New COPRA Rules Have Allowed the Facebook to Advertise to the Children

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPA), contains the collection of different rules that protect the privacy of all the internet users younger than 13 years of age. These rules have been remained same since 2000. Now, the Internet has gained significant importance. The introduction of social media sites and the usage of mobile webs have increased the importance of these rules.

The agency that is responsible for enforcing and implementing the COPRA rules is the Federal Trade Commission. This agency has recognized the importance of the Internet and has now given more emphasis that these rules should now be changed in order to ensure the children’s online privacy protection. Now, the Federal Trade Commission has announced some changes in these rules on Wednesday’s evening.

The FTC has made certain changes in these rules and the most important part of the changes is that from now onwards, there will be no requirement of any notice or suggestion from the parents if any website uses the children’s data. The main purpose of this change is to support the internal operations of different websites or online services. The internal operations of these websites or internal services may include the contextual advertising, frequency capping, legal compliance, site analysis etc.

In the internal operations, the term contextual advertising has the significant importance. This allows the different websites including the Facebook to provide relaxation in the age of users and by following this rule the Facebook and other websites can allow the children less than 13 years of age to use the site. Under this rule, the first party advertisement can also be delivered to the younger users.

The Federal Trade Commission further explains that under this rule, only contextual advertising is allowed to the users of less than 13 years of age and in this case the parental confirmation or consent is not required. But under this rule, the behavioral advertisement is not allowed and it is strictly forbidden under this rule.

In addition to this rule, there are also some important changes that have been made by Federal Trade Commission. The analysts of the market have welcomed these rules and have given this a positive site towards the privacy policy of different websites.

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