Performance of Facebook During 2012

Facebook is the leading social media site and it has large users base. Currently it has more than one billion users and this number is continuously showing the upward trend. The company celebrated its 8th birthday on February 4, 2012, thus we can say that Facebook has achieved its milestone of more than one billion users in just eight years.

Year 2012 brought different important news and changes for the Facebook. As we mentioned earlier that this leading social media site has become so much famous among the users that they even start their day by visiting their profile on the morning first. People love to use it and they habitually check that who has liked their photos and comments on their social status. But at the same time, many people love to complain about different things about this site, yet they love to work at this site.

As far as the performance of the Facebook is concerned in 2012, it witnessed different important things during the whole year. The most important thing which Facebook witnessed during 2012 is the achievement of 1 billion users. On October 2012, the CEO of the company announced that we had achieved and surpassed 1 billion active users. At the same time, he further added that there are about 7 billion people all around the world and in terms of users, the China and India has the highest number of users. According to an estimate, these one billion active users have more than 140 billion friendships.

As far as the performance of the stock of the company is concerned during 2012, it faced different problems during the whole year. On May 18, the company became public company. The Facebook offered the stock at the price of $40 and the stock of the company opened at $42. But soon after this, the stock did not perform well and it fell to around $18 on September 4. Then after sometime the stock moved upward and during December it traded around $25.

Before the launch of the IPO, the company also agreed in principle to purchase the popular photo sharing app Instagram. Both of the companies finalized their deal in September. The deal ended up after the payment of $730 million in cash and stock.

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