Prices of Facebook’s Stock Move Up after the Expiry of Lockup Period

After deep decline in the prices of the stocks of the Facebook since its IPO, the price of the stock of the company has seen an unexpected gain in its price. The price of the stock of the company has witnessed about 10% growth in the price on Wednesday’ closing at $22 per share.

This price rise has come at the same day when the Facebook’s major lockup period expires. The expiry of the lock up period allowed the employees of the company to sell about 804 million shares of Facebook stock.

Traditionally, it has been observed that when a lockup period expires, the prices of the company’s stock decline. The prices fall after the lockup period expiry due to the fear of so many additional shares enter in to the market.

The shortfall in the prices increases more if more employees of that company get involved in the selling of the shares. This sends a red flag to the investors that even those inside the company (employees) have doubts about the future prospects of the company.

There were two previous lockup periods that had been expired. When each of the previous lockup periods expired, the company’s stock witnessed the decline in the prices of the stock of the company. During back in August, about 271 million shares held by the company were freed up. During this period, Peter Thiel, who is one of Facebook’s first investors, sold major portion of his holding. During the end of the end of the last month, second lockup period expired that freed about 234 million shares that were held by the employees of the Facebook. The position of the stock of the company remained stable during those days.

The analysts of the market spent considerable time in calculating the price of the stock of the company’s last lockup period expiry. Some leading analysts of the market are also of the opinion that in future the prices of the stock of the company will further improve.

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