Social Media Will Help to Increase Web Sales about 50% by 2015, Research Study Says

The importance of social media for the different sectors is showing an increasing trend day by day. The social media has been used for different purposes by the different sectors.

Like other sectors the use of the social media has increased considerably in promoting the sales of different brands by different companies. There are, however, some brands that do not give so much importance to this aspect of the social media. But the thing of reality is that this media is doing well in increasing the sales of different brands of the world.

The increased base of users gets well in time information with the of different social media sites about the new arrivals of the different products in the market.

Some brands have their concerns that how social media can bring increase in the revenue? But it is the reality and there are some research reports that have shown there will be significant increase in the sales in near future with the help of this social media.

A report says that commerce sales are expected to bring about $30 billion every year by the end of 2012. This report also reveals that about 50% of web sales will be done through the use of different social media sites.

A famous cloud marketing software provider, Vocus, has provided an information report with different statistics. This report highlights that how different brands are currently using different social media sites and what are the latest trends.

According to this research report, Facebook brings more than 26% of referral traffic to different business websites of the world. This number is also showing an increasing trend with every new day.

This report also reveals that about 20% people prefer to buy products through a brand’s Facebook page while comparing to the website of that brand.

This report says that the users of the Facebook mainly use the social media site for personal use. About 10 million brands that are registered and are on the small scale have their presence on the Facebook. This report further adds that about 89% agencies use the social media network to advertise their products to large number of the customers.

The fans of these pages also prefer to buy the products of their favorite company by using the Facebook. This report has further concluded that 89% of small businesses consider and believe that Facebook is an important and valuable tool for the marketing of their brand.

This report says that there are more than 42 million pages on the Facebook. Most the pages that are present on the Facebook are used for business purposes and about 17% pages represent the selling products from different brands.

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