Taiwan wants Apple to Show Vague Impression of Sensitive Military Places

Taiwan is showing great concern over Apple, as it has released the clear image of its most sensitive military radar and it has warned Apple to change its policy.

Taiwan is forcing Apple to show haze image or vague impression of a sensitive early warning radar station. This radar station can detect aircraft and missiles and has the significant importance for Taiwan’s armed forces.

The defense ministry of Taiwan was annoyed after a local newspaper namely, the Liberty Times, showed a satellite image that was taken from iPhone 5. This image showed a long range radar base in the Northern country of Hsinchu.

Spokesperson of Taiwan defense ministry says that this radar has the value of more than $1.2 billion and this high frequency radar is supplied by Raytheon. This radar has the capability of detecting missiles launched as far away as China’s Northwest.

The spokesperson further added that Apple should follow those policies that Google has made over the same issue of showing the sensitive places in its maps. He said that like Google, Apple should lower the resolutions of satellite pictures of secret military places.

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