Use of Facebook for Marketing Purposes Has Increased in Middle East and North Africa

The use of Facebook is showing continuously upward trend in the regions of Middle East and North Africa. Both the regions are becoming the key sectors in the Facebook population.

According to a research report, it has been noted t hat the since the beginning of 2012, both the regions have grown about 29%. Since then both the regions have added more than 10 million users that are new to Facebook. There are also other types of research reports that have also shown the similar findings.

According to a research firm namely SociaBakers found the reasons of increased use of the Facebook in both the regions. In these regions the companies of different products are realizing the importance of the social media and are focusing more on the marketing of their products through this media.

In the list of the Middle East region, the Qatar, Libya and Iraq are on the top on the basis of the fastest moving countries in terms of social media market. In these countries, the number of users has been increased by more than 115%, 86% and 81% respectively.

Egypt has the highest number of the Facebook users and according to a report; the total number of users in the Egypt are more than 17 million. This country has witnessed about 2.5 million new users since January 2012. This has been considered as the fastest growing region.

Due to this increased number of users, differ n types of companies are using the platform of the social networking in order to market their products. Since then different brands have registered them on these sites. The biggest brands on the Facebook in this region are media groups. After this the name of airline, fashion and alcohol brands comes.

The research firm,SocialBakers, that has conducted the research report, says that these companies have to do a lot in order to get the user engagement about their products. According to the study report, more than half of the companies on Facebook have response rate to posts of below 65%.

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