Use of Smartphones in Europe’s Five Big Markets Stands at 55%, Samsung Gains the First Rank in this War

The use of smart phones in different regions of the world has been increased considerably. The smart phones have got so much fame due to their advanced and latest features. All around the world, with every new day, we see a significant growth in the users of the smart phones. Particularly, the top-five markets of the region have collectively a majority of the consumers that are using the smart phones of different manufacturers. This has been confirmed by a research report that has been conducted by comScore.

According to this report, five major markets of the markets that include France,Germany,Italy,Spain and the U.K are showing the smart phones penetration to the tune of 55%. In terms of number of users it stands at 131.5 million users. This firm conducted an online survey of a “nationally representative” sample of mobile subscribers having age of 13 and more.

This survey collected the data of last three months ending on October 31,2012. According to this research report, it has been observed first time that the European market has seen the majority of the smart phone users.

There is strong competition among iOS and Android devices and the Apple is also trying to get the highest share in the market. But it has been obvious that Android has become the most dominant platform and in this race the Samsung has got the first position. It seems that soon it will overtake the Apple for position in the UK.

According to the research report of this company, as far as the individual countries are concerned, the Spain is at the top of the list in terms of smart phone usage. According to an estimate, out of all mobile phone users, about 63.2% users are using smart phones showing an increase of about 15% as compared to the last year’s calculations. If we talk about Spain, historically this country has remained strong market for mobile phone penetration.

Another market is the market of UK where there is also great concentration of the fixed line users. In this market, out of all mobile phone users, about 62.3% users are using smart phones. There is only one country in this list that still have to cross the psychological barrier of 50% and this country is Germany that is currently showing the penetration of smart phones users to the tune of 48.4%.

According to this research report, Android penetration in the UK market is about 46.6% (about 30.9 million users). And among the Android devices, the Samsung is also on the top of the list and most of the smart phone subscribers in the U.K are using the Android devices of Samsung.

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