Users of Twitter Will Find “Like”, “Star” Instead of “Favorite”

The users of Twitter will face a new experience. The Twitter has tested and replaced the “favorite” option with the addition of new format “like” and “Star”.

The leading social media site of the world is testing a new experience in which they have the plans of replacing the existing favorite option with the introduction of new like or star options. This option will be offered for the tweets that users made on the Twitter.

According to the introductory report by “The Next Web”, some users of the Twitter are experiencing the two new words “like” and “Star” in their tweets. This button or symbol will be placed next to “reply” and “retweet” buttons. These buttons will replace the existing button “favorite”. The “favorite” term has employed by the Twitter for its users in order to save tweets for a few years.

The analysts of the market are considering it as good addition in the current position of the Twitter. This will provide better options to the users and interface of Twitter will become more attractive.

Currently, the Twitter has launched this test on very small level and very few users of the Twitter have noticed this change.

The different social media sites are testing new features on increased basis and they are trying to provide best features to their users. Similarly, Twitter tests plenty of features and almost all of them have come to the completion level. The analysts are also of the opinion that like other tests, this small test will also be completed by the company and this update will also become successful.

The analysts are also of the opinion that this new update that includes the replacing of “favorite” with “like” will no doubt a big change. The “like” option will remind the users about Facebook and this could be bad or good thing. In their opinions, the “like” has more attraction as compared to the “favorite”. The term “favorite” forced the users to favorite a tweet that they do not agree with it and they just have saved it for reference.

On the other hand, “star” is even less definite one way or the other. This button does not really imply and positive or negative support. But on the whole, the analysts are giving it the title of “positive change” in Twitter.

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