Women are More Attracted towards Social Networking Sites

A research study has shown that women are found to be more attracted towards the different social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter.

This study reveals that the majority of the women are found to be visiting different entertainment pages, betting games and different music sites.

This study has been conducted by psychologists at the University of Bath. They conducted the research study on finding the differences between what the male and females enjoy online.

According to the findings of this study, women are found to be more attracted to different social networking sites that include the Facebook and Twitter. This study shows that women are also spending their most of time on making travel reservation too.

According to a report published in the daily Telegraph, men are more interested in gaming and gambling sites. This study has been conducted on nearly 500 undergraduate students from six universities.

This study also shows that there is wide and major difference in the interests of the men and women on online activities.

“Our findings indicate that rather than transcending or overcoming gender differences in wider society, internet use by males and females seems to reflect, and in some instances even exacerbate, these broader trends,” Dr Richard Joiner, lead author of the paper Gender, Internet Experience Internet Identification and Internet Anxiety, said.

The results of this study seem near to the reality as some other research reports have already disclosed the same results.

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