Yahoo and Facebook are planning to make Search Partnership

Yahoo and Facebook are trying to make a partnership deal regarding searching options.

Marissa Mayer, the Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo, and Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, have made complete and potential discussions regarding this partnership according to a report published in the Telegraph.

This report has been published after getting some information from insider sources of the Yahoo. The officials of the Yahoo have also confirmed this news and they have further added that the company has proper plans for this. The details of this news are still pending and hopefully they will be available from next week.

If both companies reach to the final agreement then what will be the impact of this deal? The analysts of the market say that this partnership could “reorder the hierarchy of the world’s biggest technology companies”. This will affect the performance of both the companies. The Yahoo will become stronger search engine as compared to the other search engines of the market. In the same way, Yahoo will become more useful for its members.

Some analysts of the market are of the opinion that this might be the wishful thinking of the Yahoo. In the past, the social network’s partnership with Microsoft did not provide significant benefit to the Bing. They are of the opinion that this partnership could provide Facebook an opportunity to take a different approach to search integration.

This partnership deal has been decided to come into writing after both the companies have settled their patent dispute earlier this year. This dispute was settled in the July.

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