The Worst Facebook Status You Have Ever Seen

Facebook is clearly the place to meet new people and to learn about what they are doing at the moment, what they like and where they live. It is also the place to see the worst facebook status. Seen as funny by some and as pathetic or annoying by others, the worst facebook status is updated frequently because having a lot of friends means there are a lot of bored people available to produce these statuses.

So, what is the worst facebook status? Well, because there are several of them at any given moment, we will split them up in a couple of categories. The first worst facebook status category is inspirational non sense. Statuses like

“Success is a journey, not a destination”

are considered to be very nasty because the person writing them is probably not the best one to inspire others and they are not going to actually use their own wisdom. In any case, this kind of status is not the worst.

Quoting can be the worst facebook status as well. Why? Because the words you type there are not yours to use and because most of the time they have nothing to do with your beliefs or life style. They are just something written there without any real significance. Coming up with your own quotes can be the opposite of this type of status.

We go even further and present with the next status category, the vague one. For example

“I’m so sick of speaking words that no one understands”

is one of the best or worst, rather. Who cares about that and why aren’t you speaking in other words, that people can understand? At least let us know what those words are and why you are using them.

And finally, the worst facebook status is the type that most people use. The commonness of this is probably what makes it the worst. Statuses like

“just got home” “eating” or “watching tv”

are right there with the worst of them. I mean yes, facebook is about letting people what you are doing and where you are at the moment, but eating is not really an interesting activity. No one cares that you just got home and that you are currently watching TV. Basically, it’s the biggest waste of time and it works both ways because you waste time writing and I waste time reading it.

People seem to get less original as time passes by mostly because they are always on the internet and on facebook reading about other people that are not original. I think that is what makes these statuses very bad, not being original at all. So, the worst facebook status is the one that you see most often from the same person. Apart from these categories, I think that statuses are bad in general, with very few cool ones or at least decent one that provide with some interesting piece of information for the general audience.

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