How to Use Twitter Effectively

Twitter is a great tool for keeping the followers updated with your ongoing events. At the same time it can be used for increasing business if used effectively. Beside other social platforms, Twitter has been actively used for marketing. In order to get most out of your twitter account, you must know how to use twitter effectively and get most out of your time spent on twitter.

1. Purpose of your Twitter account

You must be clear with the purpose of your twitter account in order to plan for using twitter effectively. Keeping your name as username for personal account is fine, but think about using a related keyword or business name as your username. Keeping a simple and easy to remember username attracts other users.

2. Keep ‘Bio’ up-to-date and accurate

Most followers look at your bio before following you, or visit your twitter page for the first time. Keeping your bio as short as possible with providing maximum information attracts the reader and increases the chances of following you.

3. Know your followers

People with automated scripts and softwares may follow your for the purpose of increasing their followers. Often such users are waste of space, and never interact on twitter. Instead, their sole purpose is to post spam.

4. Networking with people sharing similar interests

Search for people who have similar interests, hobbies, and activities as yours, and follow them. Interact with them and make them feel your importance. Start with inviting your friends by importing your address book at your email provider.

5. Engage with others

Replying to other’s tweets will increase your value. It will also make your more friends sharing similar activities, and therefore can be used for increasing your own business.

6. Connect with other applications

Integrate your Twitter account with other social networks and platforms, such as, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, LinkedIn, Your Blog, and Flickr. Sharing the activities on all platforms will result is simultaneous improvement in your friends network.

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