The Worst Facebook Status You Have Ever Seen

Facebook is clearly the place to meet new people and to learn about what they are doing at the moment, what they like and where they live. It is also the place to see the worst facebook status. Seen as funny by some and as pathetic or annoying by others, the worst facebook status is updated frequently because having a lot of friends means there are a lot of bored people available to produce these statuses.

So, what is the worst facebook status? Well, because there are several of them at any given moment, we will split them up in a couple of categories. The first worst facebook status category is inspirational non sense. Statuses like

“Success is a journey, not a destination”

are considered to be very nasty because the person writing them is probably not the best one to inspire others and they are not going to actually use their own wisdom. In any case, this kind of status is not the worst.


How to Create a Cool Facebook Status

There are several types of cool facebook status and because we love cool stuff, we will talk about them in this article. Facebook seems to be all about making a lot of virtual friends and getting a lot of pushes on that like button under your statuses.

The Funny One

The first, and from what I can picture, the best cool facebook status category, is the funny one. I like a nice and funny status because that’s why I use facebook, for fun. It is so simple to tell a short but funny and interesting story and make someone’s day. Example range from a funny joke to a funny mistake you have made in some given situation, this is the definition of a cool facebook status.


5 Best Solutions for Facebook Chat on Blackberry

Facebook chat on Blackberry can be accomplished using several different apps, and because the decision is tough every time, we will attempt to present these options so that you can make the choice yourself.

1. Blackberry Messenger

First, we have the Chat for Facebook app that you can find on the official Blackberry site. This is regarded as the most stable option because it is made by the makers of the Blackberry range, and they are the ones that know their products best. The idea is that, even if it is the more stable app, it is not the easiest to use and it seems to need a decent mobile internet connection. The interface can be pretty confusing some times and it requires a bit of time to get used to.


How to Connect Facebook and Twitter

The increasing use of Social Media has resulted in most of the time consumed in updating status at Facebook and Twitter. Connecting Facebook and Twitter can save time and update facebook status on updating the twitter status from PC, Mac, or a Smartphone.

Separately updating your status and Facebook and Twitter is an old thing, and consumes lot of time. Facebook has 500 million users and at the moment it is the most used social network, but twitter on the other hand also has huge usage and its 140 character tweets have already been fast, efficient, and useful for sharing the updates with friends and other readers.


5 Reasons Why People Want Old Facebook Login Back

Facebook has been continuously upgrading its features, feel, and look. Many people still find the Old Facebook better, and like to Login to Old Facebook. Reasons why people demand so can be:

1. People are lazy to upgrade their web browsers

Most changes at Facebook are not compatible with newer browsers and result in errors and browser issues. Many users don’t want to upgrade their browsers for several reasons, and therefore it results in liking the old versions.


Facebook Users Waste $58 Billion a Month

Social Networks addiction is growing each day and more users are joining Facebook for interacting with friends and the world. Many discussions are going on whether the use of social networks is waste of time. Surveys found that PC Gaming, Internet, and now Social Networks have contributed in decline of physical activity and sports among youth. There is much more than just the time wasted. The future of youth seem unhealthy, lazy, and dark due to Social Networks. On the other hand, people are utilizing these social networks for even increasing physical activity by joining with people of similar interests.


How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Deleting your facebook account permanently will delete all your account information, contact list, photos, and messages.

Log in to your account and Follow this link:

It will ask for delete confirmation. Confirm it and your account will be gone forever.


How to Delete Your MSN, Hotmail, or Windows Live Account Quickly

Deleting your MSN, Hotmail, or Windows Live Account is as easy as creating it. Follow the steps if you want to delete your hotmail account.

Step 1: Log in to your Hotmail Account

Log in at using your email address and password.

Step 2: Access Account Options Page

Click on your Name on the top right of the hotmail page after you are logged in. This is marked at down arrow. Click ‘Account’ link on the drop down list. This will redirect you to the account options page.

Step 3: Select ‘Close your account’ link

‘Close your account’ link is located under ‘Other Options’ at the bottom of the page. Click it, and you will be redirected to the Account Deleted Page.

Step 4: Confirm your Password. Deleted!

Hotmail will ask your to confirm the deletion by entering your current password. Enter it and your account will be gone.


Warning 1: Do Not delete your account if you ever like to open it again.

Warning 2: Deleting your account will permenantly delete your emails, contact list, and other information.