5 Reasons Why People Want Old Facebook Login Back

Facebook has been continuously upgrading its features, feel, and look. Many people still find the Old Facebook better, and like to Login to Old Facebook. Reasons why people demand so can be:

1. People are lazy to upgrade their web browsers

Most changes at Facebook are not compatible with newer browsers and result in errors and browser issues. Many users don’t want to upgrade their browsers for several reasons, and therefore it results in liking the old versions.

2. They do not accept Change easily

The issue of not accepting the Change is commonly present among all of us. Getting used to new layout takes time, and makes it harder to find desired options quickly. This makes us wanting the Old version back so that we could easily do what we used to before the upgrades.

3. Old facebook looked simple, with limited features

While Facebook is continuously improving their systems, the design and features were also simple in older version. Old Facebook seemed easy to navigate for some users, and that is the reason they still like Older Facebook.

4. Bots and Scripts compatiblity with old facebook

Users had fun with many tweaking scripts and bots compatible with Old Facebook. Those scripts are not compatible with New Facebook. That is another reason users wanted older version for fun.

5. People just hate New Facebook for no Good Reason

People often simple like things in their original and actual shape. Even the improvement doesn’t carry any good for them. Similar is the case with classic car lovers.

New features and layouts always come with improvement, and it should be appreciated by the users. Few things might be better in older versions, but losing something for gaining better is a better idea.

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