Facebook Users Waste $58 Billion a Month

Social Networks addiction is growing each day and more users are joining Facebook for interacting with friends and the world. Many discussions are going on whether the use of social networks is waste of time. Surveys found that PC Gaming, Internet, and now Social Networks have contributed in decline of physical activity and sports among youth. There is much more than just the time wasted. The future of youth seem unhealthy, lazy, and dark due to Social Networks. On the other hand, people are utilizing these social networks for even increasing physical activity by joining with people of similar interests.

Facebook Statistics

  • There are more than 500 million active Facebook users.
  • More than 250 million users log on to Facebook every day.
  • On average, each user has 130 friends.
  • Facebook users spend more than 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.

Oh, did you notice something?

Users spend approximately 11.67 billion hours on Facebook. The world’s average wage per hour is $5, if we calculate, that is over $58 Billions worth of hours spent on Facebook each month.

Is Social Networking really a time-wasting activity? or it contributes to equal growth of the business and improvement within people? Think about it 🙂

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