How to Connect Facebook and Twitter

The increasing use of Social Media has resulted in most of the time consumed in updating status at Facebook and Twitter. Connecting Facebook and Twitter can save time and update facebook status on updating the twitter status from PC, Mac, or a Smartphone.

Separately updating your status and Facebook and Twitter is an old thing, and consumes lot of time. Facebook has 500 million users and at the moment it is the most used social network, but twitter on the other hand also has huge usage and its 140 character tweets have already been fast, efficient, and useful for sharing the updates with friends and other readers.

You can update your facebook status via twitter or vice-versa. The development of applications have made such features handy. To connect both platforms, you need to setup twitter application at facebook.

Twitter Application:

Link your Facebook Page to Twitter

You can also connect your facebook fan pages to twitter account using this application:


Share Selected Tweets on Facebook

Using Selective Tweet Status ( allows you to post statuses you only intend to share on Facebook.


If you are using Twitter Application and Selective Tweet at the same time, you may run into conflicts. It is suggested to keep one applicated disabled to avoid any errors.

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