Apple is planning to Introduce Bluetooth Smart Watch, Sources of the Market Claim

According to news website of China that normally contains the news on gadgets, smart phones etc, Apple is planning to introduce a smart watch that will connect to the Apple devices through Bluetooth. The name of this website is Tech.163. According to the sources of this report, the company has made arrangements with the Intel that will provide relevant things for the production of this smart watch.  According to the sources of this report, this watch will have 1.5 inch PMOLED display.

Previously Apple introduced a beautiful watch under the title of iPod nano that can be easily attached to a wrist band turning it into a full-functioning watch.

The concept of smart watches has become popular in the market and there are different companies in the market that are offering the smart watches to their customers. For instance, we can see the new offer from Sony which has name of watch as Smart Watch. The smart watch behaves like a complete digital device.

Now the customers are demanding are demanding those devices that have more and more connectivity with the other devices. The Apple’s previous watch, iPod nano had no Bluetooth connection and that could not be connected with the phone or tablet devices and due to this factor, this watch did not receive warm response from the general public.

During the whole year of 2012, there were different opinions in the market that how and when Apple will join the smart watch race. But now it has become obvious that Apple has now finally decided to introduce the smart watches.

But for this purpose, the company will have to do a lot of work as currently the company is working on certain other devices and some new devices will also be introduced by the company in the coming years.  According to the sources of this news, the Apple will launch the smart watch during the third quarter o next year.

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