Gmail Enhances the Attached File Size up to 10GB

Google has moved one step forward by introducing a new feature of Gmail. Now users of the Gmail can send attached file up to the size of 10GB.  This was announced b y Google that it will be integrating Google Drive in to Gmail. This step will make it possible to send files up to the increased size of 10GB.

For this purpose, the users will experience a new button in the Gmail compose window. This button will provide the users the ability to attach a file that is present in their Google Drive account rather than attaching the file itself to the message.

Once the process of attaching the files completes, Gmail will ensure that the recipient of this message has the permission to view the file in the Drive account. If the recipient of this message does not have the permission, it will prompt you to grant the permission to the recipient. After completing this, then this message will be sent.

This  feature not only works for the files that the users attach to the message but it also works for the link items that have been properly stored in the Google Drive. The users might paste these links in to the message.

This improvement has another unique feature. Since the users of Gmail are sharing a link to the file in the cloud instead of the file itself, the users also have the option to update it with those updates that have been shown for the recipient as well.

According to the officials of the company, this feature will increase the customer base of the company and uses will experience a unique and more improved feature.  Microsoft is also currently offering the similar service through outlook and SkyDrive.

As far as the Google Drive is concerned, the users are granted 5GB of free storage facility from Google. If the users want send files that are greater than 5GB, then the users are required to purchase the additional storage capacity in order to send these files. Currently, there are two packages that are available to the users. The users can purchase 25GB of additional Google Drive storage at $2.49 per month or they can also purchase 100GB storage capacity for $4.99 per month.

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