Twitter Contributed Zero Percent to Black Friday Sales

It seems that social media sites have started to lose their share in the Black Friday Sales.  According to a research report, the Twitter contributed zero percent in the Black Friday sales.

According to a detailed study that has been conducted by IBM, the shoppers showed less interest on shopping through social media sites including Facebook and LinkedIn. According to this report, shoppers showed interest from the social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Through these sites, the shoppers generated only 0.34% of online sales on Black Friday.

This figure is quite alarming and disturbing for online retail stores. As compared to the last year, this figure has shown a decrease of more than 35%. In this regard, the role of Twitter was quite disappointing as it contributed zero percent to these sales.

Though the shoppers did not recommend social media sites for online shopping on Black Friday but at the same time they were using the same medium to express their satisfaction with those purchases. According to this sturdy report, the online shoppers on Black Friday event showed the positive sentiments at 3 to 1 ratio on the social media networks. These positive sentiments were with reference to the store’s promotions, shipping and convenience.

However, the online sales on the Thanksgiving showed an upward trend and they grew to 17.4% as compared to the last year and by 20% on Black Friday.

The most favorite and hot item during this event was the mobile phone. It seems that mobile won this competition as the sales of mobile phone during this event stood at 24% that was at 14.3% during the last year.

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