Apple is planning to Start Mac Mini Production at U.S

According to some sources of the market, Apple is planning to bring some changes in its strategy of production of Mac Mini. According to these sources, the company is planning to bring Mac mini production to the U.S with the help of its manufacturing partner, the Foxconn. This has been reported by some supply chain sources to the Digitimes.

It is said about the Foxconn that it has already about 15 operational points in the U.S. According to the Digitimes, two of these operation points are located in California and Texas and they mainly finish the assembly of partially assembles products. As far as the opinion of the Foxconn is concerned, the company denied during the start of the year that they don’t have further plans of expansions its operations in the U.S.

Some sources of the Foxconn informed back in November that the company is now focusing more on the involvement of automated workers. If this happens, then the production time will reduce and the cost of production will also be reduced. Same thing is also needed by the Apple and it would help the company in controlling the higher cost of the production.

According to some senior officials of the company, the Mac mini’s production to U.S will surely bring positive changes for the company including the factor of reduced cost of production and less time for final shipment to other countries.

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