Videos Sent Through Facebook Poke Can Now Be Saved Permanently

The users of Facebook Poke will be pleased to know that the videos sent through this app can now be saved permanently. The apps like Snapchat and Facebook Poke now allows the users to send messages, photos or videos that are deleted after being they are sent (just after few seconds). But on the recipient’s end, it is now quite easy to save the videos without informing the sender.

If the receiver of the photos connects the phone to PC then in this case both the apps will send the notification to the sender. For this purpose, the users of iPhone will need a third party file manager which is called the iExplorer.

But in case of Facebook Poke, the receiver can save the videos permanently. The process is so simple and the users just need to select the poke folder. After then, navigate to the library, then move of caches, then hit the FBStore and after it select the media cache. By following this process, the users will be able to store and save the videos permanently.

After this process, the users can drag these files to another folder of their own choice on their computer in order to copy and store them. After opening this file in the Poke the old data will automatically be destroyed and the sender will not have any knowledge about it.

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