Best e-Readers Deal for Christmas Ranging from Google to Apple at Affordable Prices

The time for annual sale is approaching near and different manufacturers across the world are now planning to introduce different offers for their customers in order to get the warm response from the public on the Christmas. Here we have some choices of tablets and e-readers that will be available on Christmas at affordable prices.

Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini is a stylish and compact tablet that comes with the more improved and advanced features and specifications. This tablet has been designed in a way that it has the ability to access to the largest range of tablet specific apps for any operating system that has been designed yet. As compare to the prices, this tablet is more expensive than the other available tablets in the market. It is available in the market at 269 British pounds. Like other tablets, there are also films, televisions and music available. Like other products of the Apple, this iPad Mini is also delight and delicate but in the same way it is also recognized as the premium product.

Google Nexus 7

Another stylish tablet that will hit the market at Christmas event is the Google Nexus 7. This tablet has been designed and developed by considering the fact of Google play. This tablet has the ability to run all the apps that are available in the Google Play store. There are also the options of Kindle and Kobo apps, if some user wants to read books from those stores. This tablet also has the added flexibility of the Android operating system. The battery life of this tablet is also reasonable. This tablet is available in the market at 159 British pounds.

Kindle Fire HD

This tablet has been offered by Amazon at the price of just 159 British pounds. This 7 inch tablet gives a lot including the ebooks facility. In addition to the ebooks, the users can download films, television shows, and different types of music as well as different applications and games. The web browsing facility is also available in this tablet. The feature of front facing camera is also there and thus it can also be used for making Skype calls. The main disadvantage of this tablet is the performance of its battery life. The Kindle Fire HD provides 11 hours which seems quite decent but market analysts measure the ereader battery life in weeks.

Kobo Mini

Kobo’s full sized ereader is available at the price tag of 99.99 British pounds. But now the company has introduced something more well in small size by introducing Kobo mini at the price tag of 59.99 Bristis pounds. By the introduction of this, the company has offered something different. The quality of the screen of this ereader is not much excellent as the quality of Kindle is. It also has strange texture for a touch screen.  But the most interesting and attractive thing of this ereader is its size. This has 5 inch wide screen and it can be easily adjusted in the hands.

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