Cook Vs Jobs – Apple’s Performance after Steve Job’s Death

Apple will shut its plant- no further innovation from Apple will be there – Apple is planning to cut their jobs – iPhone 4 will not get any update, all these were the market anticipations after Steve Jobs death. There were strong concerns from the investors and users of the products of Apple company that how Apple will after this great loss.

All those analysts and commentators who predicted that Apple will not perform further are now changing their point of view. Since the death of Steve Job, this technology based company has increased considerably in terms of its value and now it is considered as the world’s biggest company.

The share price of Apple has also shown an upward growth of more than three quarters as compared to closing price of the share after Steve Jobs death.

There are two main rivals of Apple and they are Google and Samsung. Talking about Google who is trying hard to control world’s mobile phones by making its Android system which will be available free for all manufacturers of mobile handsets has gained only 50 percent growth in its total value. Talking about Samsung, Korean based company has now gained the major share of the market.

Steve Jobs laid the foundation of Apple and due to his hard working and innovative products the company gained the larger market share. Now under the head of new key person, the Apple is also showing amazing performance and it has forced the analysts to change their view point about Apple’s future.

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