Facebook Declared as the Top Workplace for the Year 2012

Facebook has been declared as the top company in terms of work place condition despite facing different issues including the conflicted privacy policy and decline in the value of the stock of the company. The Facebook was voted and selected as the best place to work during 2012 in comparison with the all other industries.

A research firm conducted a survey in order to determine the 50 best places to work. The Glassdoor showed released its fifth annual list of the top 50 best places to work and declared the Facebook as the number one company to work. The Facebook has surpassed the other leading tech companies including Apple and Google. During the last year, the Facebook was placed at the third number.

It is said about the Facebook that it provides different facilities to its staff members including the three meals to workers, medical benefits, retirement benefits, different on-site lectures and laundry services.

Facebook’s vice president of Human Resources stated, “We are out recruiting in what is really competitive environment in the Silicon Valley and the tech industry. We find people in all different kinds of ways, from on campus side projects that get our attention and a lot of people apply to the Facebook to come join us and work here. Helping the outside world understand what it’s like to work at Facebook is a really important part of that”.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the Facebook, received 99% approval rating from its employees. The CEO of Google, Lary Page received the 96% and LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner received the 91% approval ratings from their employees.

The other companies on the list are 2) McKinsey & Company, 3) Riverbed Technology, 4) Bain & Company, 5) M.D Anderson Cancer Centre, 6) Google, 7) Edelman, 8) National Instrument, 9) In-N-Out Burger and on number 10) Boston Consulting Group.

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