Facebook Introduces “Poke”, an iOS App for Sending Short Time Messages, Photos and Videos

Facebook is focusing more on improving the current status of the portfolio of different services that the company is currently proving to its large user’s base.  In order to continue the provision of latest and advanced services to the users, the Facebook has introduced another important and interesting service to its users under the title of “Poke” service

This service allows the users to send photos, videos, pokes or text messages to other friends and all these messages, photos, videos etc will expire after a few seconds. This service was firstly reported by AllThingsD earlier this month.

The officials of the company are quite hopeful about this change and they claim that this will provide improved interface.

This service was tested and experimented several times before the final launch to iOS. Currently similar service called Snapchat, is already available on iOS and Android devices and this app has gained so much attention of the young users. According to a research report, more than 50 million photos are shared on Snapchat every day. According to another estimate, about 1 billion photos are shared each day in which Facebook has total share of about 1 billion.

Analysts of the market are considering this move by Facebook as good and think that this app by Facebook will have strong competition with the Snapchat app. But, at the same time, they are also confident that this will provide the users with more interesting features and services.

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