Facebook Tests Paid Messages Service that Ensures the Message Delivery to the Users

As we mentioned earlier in our post that the Facebook was planning to introduce different important features that would attract more customers. Similarly, the company is also focusing more on its messaging service product and is trying to introduce different to encourage more users to use it.

During August 2012, the company did a lot in improving the look of the messages on the desktop. By doing so, the company made the messages platform more users friendly by introducing side by side view that shows the all of the messaging conversation on the same page. Similarly, the company also improved the messages service for Android app in which they enabled the users to sign up to the messenger with just name and number. The most interesting thing about this featured app was that the no account was required in this case.

The users of the Facebook warmly welcomed both these services. The officials of the company were also expecting the same response from the users. Now the company is again planning to introduce more improved features to its users.

Now, the Facebook is testing another messaging product that will enable the users to send the messages to those users that are out of the Facebook’s network after payment of some amount. For this purpose, the users are required to pay a small amount (probably not greater than $1) in order to ensure that their messages are being to other’s users inbox that are out of the network of the Facebook. For this purpose, the official statement of the company is as under;

“Several commentators and researchers have noted that imposing a financial const on the sender may be the most effective way to discourage unwanted messages and facilitate delivery of message that is relevant and useful”.

The Facebook claims that after using this service the users will be able to send their messages to those who were not your friends and who were even not in the network of the user’s friends. The analysts of the market are considering this as positive change and they are also hopeful that like other services, this service will also provide the good results to the company.

The company is testing the pay-to-message service and the company has also announced some interesting features of this service like there are also the options of filtering. The users of this service will see the basic filtering and strict filtering. The basic filtering has the same features as “friends of friends” settings. While about the strict filtering, the company has not provided the detailed information.

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